Pulliam Family Historic Documents & Photographs


William R. (Bill) Pulliam and Benny Pulliam in Dewy Rose, GA.  
Roy Mize, Becky Mize and William Pulliam at the Pulliam Family Cemetary, Elbert County


Joseph S. Pulliam
William B. Hewell (c), Emma Hewell (l), Lillian Hewell (t), Sara Louvenia Moore Hewell (r)
Dewy Rose School circa 1896 - Garefield Pulliam and Bessie Pulliam
Pulliam Family in 1946 - Atlanta, Georgia
Pulliam Mill - Mid 1950's
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Pulliam, 1940
Millhouse, Dewy Rose, GA - Mid 1950's - Louveen Jones, Carey Jones (Floyd), David Jones, Steve Thurmond  
The Moore Family cemetery - Elbert County near Broad River - W.B. Hewell married Sara Louvenia Moore

Dewy Rose - Cica 1931

Front Row, left to right - Dorothy Pulliam, Joe Ayers, Ralph Pulliam and Hannah Ruth Ayers.
Back row, left to right - Evelyn Ayers, Gladys Ayers, Louveen Pulliam, William Pulliam.



William Robert Pulliam

February 28, 1884 - December 9, 1951

Lillian Hewell Pulliam

September 9, 1889 - June 15, 1979


Emma and Lillian Hewell - circa 1897

Circa 1908

Front row left to right: Aunt Ella-Sueler Pulliam (Mann), Nancy Ann Siegler (Pulliam), Georgia Hannah Pulliam (Ayers)

Back row left to right: Garfield Pulliam, Bessie Ann (Snellings), Thomas Dewitt Pulliam, Lucy Mary Pulliam (Heaton)



Photo of land grant signed by Governor Elbert

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Sara Louvenia Moore Hewell & William B. Hewell